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HCCS Health can provide services for

well-established or newly emerging Aged

Care Organisations from the ground up. We

will tailor the service to suit your

organisational requirements.

We are experienced in complex pain

management requirements funded by ACFI.

We can integrate with your facility and its

protocols to comply with accreditation and

validation requirements. Our allied health staff are familiar with all the common computerised systems used. Our staff focus on thorough and detailed assessments to develop reliable care plans and treatments. This in turn will provide you with reliable care plans which will sustain ACFI funding for each resident. 

We use a multidisciplinary team approach; we will work with your RN’s and care staff to develop resident manual handling plans and provide functional assessments for resident ADL’s.

We will support your organisation in preparation for and during the days of accreditation and validation. We will work for YOU and with YOU to ensure you are in control of your claims.

As an Allied health company we are able to source multiple resources. We have appropriately qualified staff trained to identify and advise with equipment installation for the facility, or to teach manual handling accreditation purposes.

We can provide Palliative Care Services as and when required. 

Our staff are qualified to provide services to comply with the newly release STRC program within the residential setting or community.


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